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Colonel Red’s foray into the music industry began when Epic record giant Sylvia Rhone signed ‘Colonel Red’, Nikki Romillie, then lead singer of Pride ‘n’ Politix, to Atlantic Records. An accompanying publishing deal with Warner Bros. established the artist, now known as Colonel Red, as one of the UK’s leading innovative singer/songwriters.

For over two decades Colonel Red has been a highly sought after vocal artist, appearing on all the latest & greatest, from the West London neo soul / broken / house scene to the international world music scene.

From 2000 to 2016, Colonel Red has established himself as the ‘Broken Soul & House’ don of the era. 2011 already witnessed a shift in Redz’s creative direction with the incredible ‘Keep Walking’ album released on Tokyo Dawn Records & then again, this transition was clearly reflected in his release of the ‘Cyber Funk’ track ‘SpaceFace’ from the ‘SpaceSleep EP’. Still, Colonel Red remained true to his compelling need to ‘not’ be contained by a label, song or sound, but rather a necessity & free will to release what he believes in, regardless of profit, gain or popularity.

With his debut release on the ‘Ink Rebellion’ label, the highly acclaimed and entirely self-produced ‘Redlight’ album, Redz has now become the poetic architect. Tapping into all aspects of his musical roots, fusing an evocative uber-rhythmic groove with sublime & meaningful lyrics, all woven together by passionate vocal performances, defining what can only be described as Colonel Red’s very own British Urban Soul Rock sound. The track ‘Believe In Me’ from the ‘Redlight’ album won the Gilles Peterson Worldwide award in 2014, bringing acclaim to the album and extending Colonel Redz reach to an even wider audience, establishing Colonel Redz as one of the most prophetic recording artists in the world.

Colonel Redz releases have been prolific to this day. Redz’s EPs ‘Wireless Souldierz’, ‘Rhyme Travelin’ and ‘Armz Prevail’ on Tokyo Dawn Records have all been critically acclaimed. Colonel Red has written, recorded & performed with artists including, Maurice White, Lenny White, Alex Acuna, Roger Zapp Troutman, Amp Fiddler, MoodyMan, Keith Sweat, Teddy Pendegrass, Anita Baker, Jerry Hey & the Seawind Orchestra, Shara Nelson, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Sandra St Victor, IG Culture, Bugz in the Attic, Ursual Rucker, Tony Allen, Jon Hassel, Dwight Trible, The Last Poets, Brian Jackson, Gerald Levert, Ten City, Lisa Fisher, Kamaal Williams, Full Force & many more, both established and iconic figures in the music industry.

In 2019, Redz aka Colonel Red aka Nicholas S. Romillie also made his debut appearance in the Warner Bros blockbuster film release ‘The Informer’ alongside rapper/actor Common, Clive Owen, Joel Kinnerman & Rosemary Pike.

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