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  • Which payment methods are supported?
    PayPal is our main payment gateway. Paypal supports credit card payments as well as bank transfer and local payment methods.
  • I don't want to create a Paypal account, can I still buy from Tokyo Dawn Records?
    Yes. A PayPal account or registration is not required for credit card payments. In this case, PayPal purely acts as payment gateway.
  • Can't I just do direct bank transfer? Without PayPal inbetween?
    No, we currently do not offer this option.
  • All your prices are in EURO, don't you support other currencies?
    PayPal supports many currencies. The price in your currency will appear during Paypal's payment process.
  • Are refunds possible?

    Refunds are only possible in the following cases:

    Physical products can be returned within 4 weeks after purchase. We'll either replace product or refund the payment.

    Given a reasonable technical problem, software licenses can be returned within 7 days after purchasing the license.

    In doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll try to work out the most satifactory solution for you.

  • What happens after checkout?
    You will be forwarded to the PayPal payment/login page where you'll be asked to verify your purchase, provide a shipping address (if required) and confirm the transaction. PayPal will then redirect you to where you'll be able to download your items. Additionally, a confirmation e-mail with download instructions will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address.
  • I haven't received a confirmation e-mail after payment, what now?

    The confirmation e-mail is sent to your PayPal e-mail address. It is usually delivered instantly, but may take a few minutes under rare circumstances. In case nothing happens, keep an eye on your spam folder. If you still can't find the confirmation e-mail, go to your Paypal profile and make sure the transaction was really successful.

    Finally, if all that doesn't help, get in touch with us and we'll help you as fast as we can.

  • Really, I still didn't receive my products and you don't seem to answer to my e-mails!

    In rare cases, it is possible that either your e-mail provider or self-hosted e-mail server ip got blacklisted by our anti-spam filters. Another case happens when your e-mail provider black-list our own e-mail server for whatever reason (pacbell in most cases). In both cases, we'll have great difficulties to contact each other. In doubt, try to contact us via alternative e-mail inboxes or better, with a private message on Facebook.

  • My Paypal e-mail address points to a non-functional inbox!

    If your Paypal e-mail address doesn't work, our servers won't be able to send out your purchase notification. Don't panic, just get in touch with us and we'll sort this out as soon as possible.

  • Is the access to my digital purchases limited? How often can I download my files?
    You can access your customer-profile at any time and download your files as often as you want.
  • What is the music delivery format?
    All audio purchases are instantly delivered in the form of a zipped folder containing high quality 320kbps MP3 and lossless FLAC files.
  • What is FLAC?
    FLAC is a free, lossless audio codec supported by most devices and players. The format provides exactly the same quality as a CD, but at a smaller size. Many software-tools allow you to convert FLAC file into WAVs (or AIFFs), if preferred. More about the FLAC format.
  • What's the deal with standard editions and gentleman's editions?

    All our commercial plugins come in two versions, a completely free standard edition, and an enhanced "Gentleman's Edition".

    We do this in contrast to the traditional model relying on a full edition and a strongly restricted demo version. This approach has several advantages, both for the end-user and our development process. The most apparent is the fact that it enables us to offer the standard edition for free, which in turn helps us to promote and test the plugin effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, the end-user can evaluate the plugin with all the time he needs, and if interested, acquire the "Gentleman's Edition" at relatively low cost.

    The main disadvantage is that there's no way to demo the additional features introduced by the given "Gentleman's Edition". But we're hoping that quality of the free, standard editions give you sufficient confidence to consider a purchase! :)

    To be clear, the Gentleman's Edition is not meant to discriminate women (see gentleman's agreement, gentleman scientist and so on).

  • How are audio plugins delivered?
    Products are instantly available from your customer profile. Audio plugins can be downloaded and installed in the form of a Mac package, a Windows installer, or manually with the "no installer" version (for windows). An appropriate Key file will be generated and offered for download, where applicable.
  • What kind of copy protection can I expect?
    Our commercial audio-plugins use a light-weight, key-file based copy protection scheme. No Challenge/Response, no dongle, no machine dependency. In no event will copy protection affect sound integrity or project persistence.
  • Can I transfer or sell my license?
    Yes, this is possible, but restricted to a minimum of 6 months after initial license purchase. Please get in touch with us.
  • Do the plugins work on a Power PC Mac?
    No, our plugins do not run on Power PC Macs.
  • Is it possible to exchange presets between Standard and Gentleman's editions?
    Yes. Just keep in mind that it only affects parameters common to both plugins.
  • When can I expect to have my physical purchase delivered?

    We will send out your package within the next five working days (from Germany).

    In case you're living on the opposite side of the world, the delivery shouldn't take longer than 14 days.

  • Do you offer a shipping discount when buying multiple items?
    We offer a very low flatrate for international shipping, additional discounts are not possible.
  • My purchase took damage during delivery!
    Please get in touch with us for replacement or a refund.
  • I need assistance!

    First of all, please have a look at our frequently asked questions. You can find all FAQ categories to the left.

    For questions about our audio software products, you'll find additional information in the product's user-manual and the official support forum.

  • I've spotted a possible bug in your software!

    Please fill a bug report and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The FAQs are no help for me!

    No problem, just get in touch for personal assistance. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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