Colonel Red – Rhyme Traveling

Rhyme Traveling is the latest kitchen cooked funk offering from musical poet Colonel Red. This steel rimmed EP brings rhymes & beats to blend time and space. "I rhyme travel to travel rhyme", says Redz.

Rhyme Traveling's opening track 'Pride' is a total funk plate of elation, lyrically inspired while musically on fire. Along with 'State of Alarm', 'Make Life GuD 4 U' and 'My Spoetry', Colonel Red demonstrates how strong and meaningful rhymes can guide the heaviest of beats. Sheer musical poetry shines through, echoing the sound of Birmingham towns' industry and the cultural roots of The Americas - both environments having had a very strong influence on the Colonel Red vibration we have come to know and love.

Copyright © 2018 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR18-002
Release date: January 29th 2018
All rights reserved

Performed, written and produced by Colonel Red at the Tribal Rhymes Studio Suite
Guitar solo on ‘Now You Want More’ by Duncan Bloom
Drums and co-production of ‘My Spoetry’ by Greg Smith
Special thanks to Ink Rebellion Music including Clio S. Anderaz, Ariana D'Ermo and Madison
A&R by Marc Wallowy
Design by Matt Lyon
Mastering by Jan Ohlhorst


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