Teoh – Seaside Sensation

Being born and raised in Port Harcourt, Teoh was never too far away from large bodies of water or the soothing sound of music. "Seaside Sensation", to Teoh, is an identity. One related to being raised by the waterside and his embrace for the calm, tranquil, breezy, intense, and transcendental sensation reminiscent of the seaside. A sensation he echoes through his Alté music - a music genre known for its fluidity and affinity for borderless expression, with elements of pop, house, alternative R&B, and afrobeats fusioning.

Produced by the prolific CJ Keyz, Michael SynX, T.U.C and Type A, "Seaside Sensation" reflects nostalgic emotions of passion, heartbreak and mindfulness. Teoh's perspective on the fleeting and unpredictability of life is simplified in “Luv 2 Luv” through soothing melodies and breezy lyrics. The message conveyed is a familiar one. Life is short. Love hard. Love now. Be in the now. “Weird High School Kids” with Ria Sean alludes to repressed feelings of desire from the simpler, but seemingly more complicated, days of their youth. In "Black Magic", Teoh compares a woman's love to the power of Juju (Voodoo). With "Vertigo", Teoh addresses how his music has been recieved by people on similar and opposite sides of life. "Vertigo" bears witness to the power music has on us. Teoh and Kid Marley talk about overcoming adversity on "Spiritual Ginga". "Dance (Tonight)" is a groovy song that speaks about guilty pleasures and the force of attraction. Originally named "Wendy's Song," "Stand For You" is a reflective song about infidelity, friendship, and the common desire to escape reality.

Copyright © 2023 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR23-001
Release date: April 17th 2023
All rights reserved

All tracks written by Theodore Davies
Production by Michael SynX, TUC, Type A and CJ Keyz
Mixing by Michael SynX, Type A and Jonn Deux
Mastering by Jan Ohlhorst
Design by Matt Lyon


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