Kid Marley – Been Wavey

Kid Marley rides the waves with his first solo body of work since his hit project “The Grey Area”. For Kid Marley, "being wavey" means feeling all types of vibrations and feelings, having the ability to stand out, and discovering new energy to do things on your own terms.

Born and raised in Lagos, the release captures his challenges transitioning to Europe as an African in Diaspora while staying true to love, growth, friendship... and cryptocurrencies.

Produced by Osinachi Nwaneri, known for his work for The Black Eyed Peas, Biz Markie and beyond, the release features additional afrobeat and R&B productions from Shabba, LearnTheCreator and Togwald. On the opening track, "Alive", Kid Marley pays homage to the "never say never" attitude that his upbringing in Lagos has afforded him. "Amen" is a prayer of growth and wellbeing for his friends to win collectively. "The Man" describes what it can mean to be the provider for your family, whereas "See you smile" is about the gratification from getting someone you love to smile. "Beautiful Day" explores the ever growing optimism that has always been a part of his nature regardless of his circumstances. "Know You" with The Grey Area talks about the leaps of faith needed for new friendships and affection. And the eponymous track of the release, "Wavey", is a confession of love featuring the talented artistes Maka, Teoh and Togwald. In all its essence, "Been Wavey" is a roller coaster of emotions and vivid storytelling to keep you wavey.

Copyright © 2022 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR22-001
Release date: August 22nd 2022
All rights reserved

All tracks written and performed by Obi Samuel Chibuisi
Production by Osinachi, Shabba, LearnTheCreator and Togwald
Mixing by Jonn Deux (except "The Man" mixed by Shabba)
Mastering by Jan Ohlhorst
Design by Matt Lyon


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