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Stan ‘Steam’ Smith is not your average rapper! Born in upstate New York, he was first introduced to the art form he would grow to love in Dallas, Texas. After receiving a 12” of Sugar Hill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ 12” in 1979, the youngster was immediately hooked. He played the record continuously for days, learning the words until his parents found it problematic that their son, at age eight, was saying “…I can bust you out with my Super Sperm!”. Long story short, the record was confiscated but the seed was planted. Stan became enamored with this new music, rap, which was but one facet of a burgeoning subculture called Hip Hop.

30 years later in Atlanta, Stan is one of the many Americans whose life was permanently changed by this art form. The music has changed, arguably for the worst, and its original fans have too. They now have families, bills and the day to day responsibilities that come with adulthood. These once ravenous fans are now finding themselves moving away from today’s rap music towards other more ‘grown’ genres, but Stan never stopped honing his craft. During what was the darkest time he had ever known, he even found therapy in music. He linked with UK broken beat legend Daz-I-Kue and began to create pieces for himself, mainly pep talks. Stan, realizing he wasn’t suffering alone, thought this music might motivate others to ‘Get Up Move’. Daz-I-Kue’s world class soundscapes coupled with Stan’s freaky flow made for a happy marriage. Additional production by German duo Soulparlor and Atlanta’s own Rahgroove sealed the deal on this breath of fresh air. And who couldn’t use some fresh air? It’s been a long time coming. In the early days he was told it was a fad and as an adult they say he’s too old. Well… welcome the oldest new jack to the longest running fad… son, brother, husband, father and emcee, Stan ‘Steam’ Smith.

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