The Grey Area – The Grey Area

Life is not black and white and the Nigerian duo of 3rty & Kid Marley are interested in exploring The Grey Area.

3rty's soulful ministrations mixed with the high energy delivery of Kid Marley combines to create a project that covers a wide sonic range from indie pop to house and tribal African music. With organic instruments used in abstract composition, the duo take extreme ends of each story and work their way towards the middle, taking us along on a journey to The Grey Area.

The EP kicks off with Sorry, which tackles the hypocrisy of half-hearted apologies. You has Kid Marley serenading in his native Igbo tongue with a special promise to his love, followed by Dark Clouds which reveals uncertainties in everyday life. Thots explores the waters of love and heartbreak, and Ogunfe is a joyful song centred around the good things of life. The child's play of Erekere follows, interpolating the hit of King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, a Fuji Icon from Nigeria, with the sounds of The Grey Area. Denge Pose rounds off the EP warning of pride and arrogance.

Featuring productions from Biz Markie and Ludacris producer Osinachi, 3rty, Kid Marley and DSD.

Copyright © 2018 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR18-005
Release date: June 25th 2018
All rights reserved

Written and performed by 3rty and Kid Marley.
Produced by Osinachi, 3rty, Kid Marley and DSD.
Mastered by Jan Ohlhorst.
Designed by Matt Lyon.
A&R by Marc Wallowy.


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