Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR) is the name of a tough little music unit meanwhile based in Munich, Germany. Established 1997 by Marc Wallowy and friends, TDR has been spreading soul futurism on the internet since its beginning. Commonly credited as pioneer label of the netaudio movement starting in the mid 90’s, this unconventional collective made its first steps into the online world using IRC networks, then experimenting with new collaborative techniques and open source music concepts on the internet – years before Napster was even invented.

Since the label relaunch late 2009, TDR has released dozens of eclectic albums from a wide range of unique artists, some of them even surprisingly hitting #1 in digital sales and tastemaker charts. Musically focusing on a very distinct subset of genres like future funk and eclectic jazz, TDR has developed an instantly recognizable and innovative sound stamp acknowledged worldwide. The public release of state of the art audio processing plugins developed at the TDR studios also added to the destinctive sound signature and perception of the label.

For 2014 TDR has planned the launch of new compilation concepts and artist albums from Opolopo, SoulParlor and many more. TDR’s expansion into professional studio tools is also about to reach a new level this year, so watch this space!


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