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Boombap wunderkind Swede:art (Joachim Prügl) from Bavaria has one foot deeply sunk in 90’s r’n’b and hip hop grooves and the other dropping down a pixellated pathway to the future. As a DJ he roams wide pastures between dubstep, wonky hiphop and broken beat, while as a producer he farms out beats of the 90 bpm variety and upwards. His creations have gained him a reputation in different scenes near and wide, his tracks being spun by techno, dubstep and hip hop djs alike.

After participating at Red Bull Music Academy and coproducing with Hudson Mohawke, Tokimonsta and others in 2010, his highly anticipated debut album Emotional Colors soon followed on Tokyo Dawn Records, featuring special guests such as Blaktroniks, Comfort Fit, Pursuit Grooves, Stray and more. Remixes of the album soon followed, with reworks from Andreas Saag (Swell Session), Kidkanevil, Waxolutionists, Tokimonsta, B. Bravo, Aroop Roy, Matt Flores and many more. Swede:art’s new releases 2013 are something you can really look forward to!

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