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There isn’t much that has been said about Still Weavens that hasn’t already been said about your local pizzeria: sensory overload combined with humble presentation.

Still Weavens is a producer-musician-composer of funk, soul and electronic music from Freeport, New York. Still is a beat-head with roots in R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, and Dance music, whose music is fueled equally by retro sounds and futurism. He got his start in high school by sneaking out of class to make simple loops. He has collaborated with numerous artists and has also composed for film, most recently the indie short “For The Record”.

After years of underground instrumental releases, Still’s first full-length album “Amisana” is slated to debut on Tokyo Dawn Records. Amisana is a journey through a fantasy-filled soundscape of funk, soul and hip hop, featuring artists such as Guilty Simpson, Tanya Morgan, Donwill, Fresh Daily, Quincy Vidal, Quelle Chris, Erik Rico, Tamara Renée and AllNat.

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