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As an artist, Spikey Tee encompasses all elements of roots and sound system culture. With 25+ years of vested dedication to Reggae, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and Jungle, he remains a pinnacle figure for the underground sound community.

Assuming a diverse role in the lifestyle, his musical repertoire speaks for itself as he touches all musical genres leaving no stone unturned or undefined. As a vocal artist, master of ceremonies, and ISC awarded songwriter, his upfront stage presence has allowed him to host stages around the globe for artists such as LTJ Bukem, DJ Marky, Morcheeba, and countless others.

More versatile than most, his DJ persona has allowed him to tour around the world playing mashup style sets touching Reggae, Jungle, and everything in between. With festival appearances in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe his stage dominance and ability to navigate the vibe makes him a sure shot for any club, rave, or big stage. Production-wise, Spikey Tee’s back catalog roots itself deep within sound system culture, with releases on Congo Natty, Liquid V, True Playaz, Eastside Records, and countless others, remaining backed by industry leaders and labels reverberating speakers worldwide.

After countless years of productions and collaborations for other artists and labels, Spikey has emarked on his first full length album designed to exemplify the trials and tribulations of his musical career. Packed with larger than life vibrations and posivitiy, his long awaited new solo album is due for release on Tokyo Dawn Records. With various bookings and tours scheduled around the world, Spikey Tee is eager to get to a city near you.

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