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Kid Marley is a Nigerian singer, rapper, fashion designer, writer and songwriter born and raised in Lagos. He embarked on his musical career as a teenager under several monikers. His first official release was a remix for Lil Wayne’s hit single “Gossip” before he founded the St. Oz Gang with Paybac, Ohdes, Rndom, Barzini and Bobby Combz.

After several features, tilting from his hardcore rap sound to begin experimenting with singing more, he finally metamorphosed into the artiste Kid Marley with a totally different sound and name. He began to gain recogintion with the release of his first mixtape titled The Suburban Hippie in 2014, followed by his second EP titled Days B4 Denim in 2015.

In 2016 Kid Marley founded “The Grey Area” with fellow producer and close friend 3rty, which debuted on Tokyo Dawn Records, and was followed up with his solo releases. Besides making music and performing, he’s establishing his vintage apparel line called Marley Vintage.

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