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JazzZ is a Lagos-based singer/songwriter that delights audiences, large and small, with her wide vocal range and her soulful voice. Unconventional and emotionally sensitive about her music and its creative process, she has since released a solo project Practice (2017) and two collaboration projects Raw & Uncut (2017) and Made in Lagos (2018). Late 2019 / early 2020 her first TDR release ‘Yummy Vibes’ will follow.

JazzZ draws inspiration from Jazz greats like Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson and Nina Simone, she is also a big fan of Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah. Her love for music started at a young age listening to Jazz and Soul music from her parent’s record collection.

She finds spiritual bliss in Muse The African Goddess Yemoja and enjoys curling up with a large bowl of noodles, reading fantasy novels.

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