Reggie B – DNA

DNA strings of ancient and new dimensional funk interweave to reclaim the pyramids of our time. Travelling light years from Mars to Orion, new horizons of perception and vibration become clear, taking the listener on a quest for more funk and fantasy in their life.

This is Reggie B's musical DNA, a personal testament of his unique funk straight from Khemit. Additional juggernauts featured on this 74 minute space odyssey include B. Bravo, DJ Spinna, Donald Hayes, Kevin Pierce, Onra, Salva and more. Don't miss the mothership!

Galactic future funk & fantasy

Undeniable funk and talent

Copyright © 2013 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR13-004
Release date: October 21st 2013
All rights reserved

Written & produced by Howard Bradley
Recorded & engineered at Planet H Studios Kansas City
Design by Matt Lyon
Mastering by Fabien Schivre
A&R by Marc Wallowy


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