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Two friends, Adriano Prestel and Felix Kirner, decided to make music together in 2017. Felix is a well known DJ and Producer. Adriano is a singer and composer. Both are living in Munich, Bavaria. To them it was quite clear.. It had to happen. And it did.
Since every collaboration needs a ritual, weekly visits to vietnamese restaurants right before the studio-session became mandatory. The Name “Pho Queue” came up while standing in a queue waiting for their pho-soup. Since then they are addicted to Pho and Nem Nem.
After recording the first songs at Felix Kirner’s studio they were joined by his brother Ferdinand Kirner, a brilliant guitarist. Since the three of them are very versatile and oldschool-oriented, the musical roadmap was pretty clear from the beginning: Classic synthesizers, funky 80’s guitars, punchy basslines and soulful vocals.
Layering different organic and digital sounds to turn them into one unique instrument helped them define their own sound and to focus on each musician’s individual strength. The symbiosis came to a peak with their first release “Sweet“.

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