Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez

Comfort Fit's third album 'Polyshufflez' holds 72 minutes of explosive polyrhythmics and postmodern pop perspectives set to change your view on modern day music. Wisely using music codes of genres such as hiphop, dubstep and techno as a mere comic template, Comfort Fit inspires music enthusiasts around the world with his unique and heavy beat techniques. Critical thoughts on capitalism, conversations with the devil, famous chess games and dozens of other unusual ideas set to high fidelity let this album leave all comparisons behind.

Howard Marks (best known for his worldwide bestseller book 'Mr Nice'), Blaktroniks, Wallis Bird, Gajah, Anita Tijoux, Naboobia and Caitlin Meissner and more collaborated with Comfort Fit to create this opus magnum of modern mind music.

Copyright © 2009 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR09-001
All rights reserved

A&R by Marc Wallowy
Cover artwork by Kid Vector (Adam Cain)


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