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NOTE#1. Looking for transparent compression? Beware, this compressor adds a lot of coloring to sound.

NOTE#2. Too complex? This compressor is not for beginners. It’s pretty hard to tune, but there’s some fun in it!

NOTE#3. Scared by the GUI? GUI language can be switched. Also there’s GUI-less version included.

NOTE#4. CPU load is too high? Turn off oversampling.

NOTE#5. Too much distortion? Watch the input gain, saturation can also be turned off. See the manual for details.

NOTE#6. Too noisy? Turn off the dithering. More in the manual.

NOTE#7. Do you still want to use it? Have fun!

A Russian version of the manual can be downloaded here.

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Windows (no installer)
Mac Package
User Manual


OS 32bit 64bit


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