TDR Special Filters Bundle

  • TDR Special Filters Bundle

The TDR Special Filters Bundle includes:

TDR Infrasonic offers precise control over the near-inaudible lowest frequency regions of a mix. It consists of a continuously variable slope filter, min and mixed phase modes, and mix control. It also includes a dynamic bump and a set of harmonic exciters meant to compensate for the perceived energy loss introduced by the filtering.

TDR Elliptical is a modern, state-of-the art elliptical equalizer. It’s an ideal choice whenever low frequency stereo positional information requires control. A continuously variable slope filter with min and linear phase modes, and mix option offer all necessary technical control. Advanced perceptual filtering and mono-summing compensation tricks help preserve the musical impact from input to output.

TDR Ultrasonic helps control the effects of ultrasonic build-up in wide bandwidth processing chains, i.e. whenever chains of nonlinear processors run at sample rates beyond 44.1/48kHz. A linear phase filter with a continuously variable slope, a mix control, and dynamic Ultrasonic Gate options allow to transparently block inaudible content and thereby achieve a lower total distortion in the audible spectrum, at the end of the chain.

TDR Arbiter is a remarkably flexible frequency-selective spectral balancer. What makes it special is the relative nature of the process: The effect is independent of the input signal level, making it an optimal choice for de-essing, plosive control, or overall manipulation of the frequency balance, all without affecting the original signal dynamics structure.

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OS 32bit 64bit

System requirements

VST, Audio-Unit or AAX compatible plugin host.
Windows Vista or above, Mac OS X 10.9 or above.


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