Keeping your TDR plugins up to date

Keeping your TDR plugins up to date

By Fabien Schivre

While product updates greatly improve stability and the feature set, keeping track of them can quickly become an annoying task. In the worst case, you might not even take note of all these new exciting features being added! ;-)

The following listing of less well known features and simple tricks will make sure you won’t miss any update in the future.

Version numbers

The version of your currently installed plugins is shown in the Info dialog. Press the “i” button in the plugin toolbar to open the dialog:

Info dialog

The latest official product version numbers and changelogs can be found on the listed product pages right under the Download or Add to cart buttons.

Downloading and installing the updates

Plugins can be updated by downloading and installing their latest versions. Previously installed versions will be overwritten/replaced during the process. Freeware product updates can be downloaded directly from from the official product pages. Customers of the commercial editions will find the latest installers in their Customer Profiles.

Checking for updates

The aforementioned Info dialog simplifies the whole process and allows checking for updates directly from the plugin interface. Open the dialog and press the Search Updates button. The plugin will look up the latest version via the internet, then compare it to the current one and display the results. Obviously, this depends on an active internet connection.

Info dialog

If a newer product version exists, a Download Update button will appear.

Update available

Press the Download Update button to access the product download page.

Automatic update notifications

Most Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins can also automatically check for updates. This feature is disabled by default for maximal privacy (and easy to oversee). This can be changed any time of course.

To do so, click the toolbar’s Settings button to open the Settings dialog. Then press “Updates” to access the following options:

Update dialog

  • Check for updates will occasionally ask for product updates.
  • Show update notifications will pop up a banner when new versions become available. This is optional, just in case you don’t appreciate seeing banners popping up at work. ;-)

Note that both options are global to all Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins installed on the system.

Update banner

When the banner appears, click it to directly access the product download page.

Join the Tokyo Dawn Labs newsletter

Contrary to the above, subscribing to our newsletter will not only send out update notifications, but also new products and special offers. No spam or third parties are involved. To join, simply fill out the form below and follow the given instructions:

Customers can also easily change their email notifications via their Customer Profile.

Follow us at Facebook

Our Facebook page is another great place to catch the latest news and keep in touch with our current developments. Follow the Tokyo Dawn Labs Facebook page and make sure to select the “See First” option as shown below:

Tokyo Dawn Labs Facebook Page

We’re looking forward seeing you around for a chat!

Your feedback

Let us know about your experiences with the update process. We’re always open to new ideas for further improvement.